PV Series Bevel-helical Power Tiller Gearbox



Place of Origin:  China
Brand Name:  EP
Model Number:  PV
Gearing Arrangement:  Helical
Output Torque:  top to 952000N.m
Rated Power:  top to 4800
Input Speed:  750-3000rpm
Output Speed:  1-1200rpm
shaft:  soolid shaft or hollow shaft
shaft direction:
parallel or right angle
Quality Control System:  ISO9001:2008
Certificate:  CCC,CQM,Supplier Assessment, MA
Mounting Position:  Horizontal (foot mounted) or Vertical (flange mounted)
Color:  According to customer’s quest
Material:  Steel or cast iron
Gear material:  low carbon high alloy steel
Gear accuracy:  less than 6
Contact:  Sally



Highly standard modular designed,more sizes with a reduced variet of parts

Higher operational reliabilit combined with increased power capacity.

2.Mounting position

The gear units can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation.

Other arrangments are also possible on request.

3.Long service life

Under the condition of accueately selecting type size and the normal maintenance and use,main components(expect those easily more than 50000 hours.

4.Low noise

All key components are finished by precise machining; grinding the gears; designing noise is finally tested, and therefore, fairly low noise is reached.

5. Thermal Conduction

The gear units have high efficiency.

Through enlarged housing surface areas.

Because large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cowl are being used.

Power Tiller Gearbox Assembly

A power tiller gearbox is a device that works with a vehicle’s transmission. It is designed to provide a gear lever that allows the user to change the machine’s gear. The main shaft of the power tiller gearbox is connected to the engine PTO shaft. This is done with a spline structure.
The power tiller gearbox assembly’s main shaft has two gears. These are reverse and forward gears. A card slot is also included in the gearbox structure. The shift forks and support ring are also part of the transmission assembly. A forward gear can be added to increase the speed of the tiny tiller. Back-up rings are also used to aid in gear changes. To ensure smooth and efficient operation, the shaft of the gearbox must be strong enough to withstand the machine’s torque.

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Pto Right Angle Gearbox

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1. Wide selection of reducers
Our company offers the widest range of standard and custom solutions for applications in motion control and mechanical transmission. We provide precision inline planetary gearboxes and right angle agricultural gearboxes, 90 degree right angle servo motor gearboxes, harmonic drive gearboxes, RV reducers for robots, ground precision racks and pinions, servo motors, stepper motors, brushless motors etc. The company can also provide worm gear reducers, geared motors, screw jacks, steering gears, and other related reducer gearboxes and accessories. This means you can get what you want here and benefit from our one-stop service, saving you time and cost.

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We offer our customers very attractive prices with great quality. Compared with other companies’ gearboxes, our precision planetary gearboxes feature low backlash (2-8 arcmin), high efficiency (≥95%), and low noise (60 dBA). All servo gearboxes produced by our famous brand will be strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. In addition, we provide our customers with a one-year warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

3. All-round professional technical support
Don’t worry if you don’t know how to choose the right transmission for your machine. We have a professional technical team to serve you. As long as you follow our steps, you will know how to choose the right size. After choosing the matching gearbox for your motor, we will send you the corresponding CAD drawing for your checking to avoid any mistakes. We also provide 24-hour technical support if you have any other issues that need to be resolved urgently.

4. Provide customized services
We can provide a custom service upon request if you need a custom gearbox for a unique application. We will provide reliable, high-performance customized gearboxes from small to large output torques. Please tell our sales engineer your detailed requirements and all the necessary sizes you want. The more information you give us, the better we can design a custom transmission for you.

5. Fast delivery time
For most of the standard reducers, we have sufficient inventory, which can be delivered to customers quickly, solving the problem of emergency replacement of damaged gearboxes on working machines and saving costs for customers. In addition, if the customer needs a certain size of gearbox very urgently, but we don’t have it in stock, we can specially arrange priority production for you.

6. Alternatives to brand reducers
Most of our precision gearboxes can perfectly match and replace Apex gearboxes, dawn gearboxes, Shimpo gearboxes, Neugart gearboxes, SPG gearboxes, harmonic drive gearboxes, Boston gearboxes, Bonfiglioli gearboxes, etc. Product number. High quality and low price, 3F reducers, especially planetary gearboxes, and harmonic transmission gears, are warmly welcomed by customers worldwide.

If you need customized products, or the products you need are not found on our website or need a product catalog, don’t worry, more of our products are still being uploaded. You can email us directly, and we will reply within 24 hours!