China Custom Ep-9.311-Jcg Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural gearbox adjustment

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EP-9.311-JCG Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural

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HC-9.311-JCG Rotary Tiller Gearbox









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1 3/8 Z6 Optic axis



How to replace the gearbox on the rotary tiller
1. Remove the tiller from the tractor.
2. Ensure that the tiller is firmly locked and leveled.
3. Remove the PTO shaft from the tiller.
4. Before the reverse operation, reverse the teeth on the tiller.
5. To reverse the direction of the time, remove the 4 (4) bolts at both ends of the time bracket.
6. Carefully put down the gear set, turn it 180 °, and then put it in front of the tiller. Remove the gearbox before reconnecting the teeth.
7. Loosen and remove (6) bolts (2) on the top and (4) on the bottom of the gearbox.
8. Slide the gearbox to the left by about 5 “. The side key shaft should fall off from the right gearbox.
Note: if the critical shaft does not come out of the gearbox, just slide the key shaft out of the side gearbox and remove it from the main gearbox.
9. Slide the gearbox forward.
10. Remove the filler plug from the top of the gearbox.
11. Remove the flat plug from the bottom of the gearbox. Switch the filling plug from the top to the bottom of the gearbox and the flat plug from the bottom to the top
12. Locate the washer fixed by the snap ring on the opposite side of the insertion key shaft.
13. Carefully remove the snap ring with snap ring pliers
14. Remove the washer from the key shaft hole.
15. Put the washer and snap ring back into the hole of the key shaft just removed.
16. Turn over the gearbox and reinsert it into the frame
17. Slide the key shaft into the released key shaft hole on the other side of the gearbox.
18. Slide the gearbox back to the center of the tiller
19. Reinsert 6 bolts (2 at the top and 4 at the bottom). Do not tighten until all 6 are started successfully.
20. Once the vital shaft is successfully reinserted, manually start all 6 bolts and tighten all 6 screws on the gearbox. Do not tighten any gearbox bolts until all 6 gearbox bolts are threaded and tightened.

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Agricultural Gearbox Production Workshop

Ever-power is a professional agricultural machine gearbox manufacturer. It produces more than 1,000 kinds of products and supports OEM and ODM. Including lawn mower series, rotary tiller series, rice harvester series, grain transportation storage series, etc. Has been exported to numerous countries like America, Australia, India, Poland, etc. We work with CHINAMFG brands like John Deere, Bush Hog, etc. Our annual production is 300,000 units, and our turnover in 2571 is USD 28 million. The export ratio is 80%, and the domestic market is 20%.

HangZhou Ever-power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. The company is located in ZHangZhoug HangZhou, with 90 employees, an area of 3800 meters, and an annual output value of 40 million yuan. The company is committed to the R & D, manufacturing, and personnel training of various gearboxes, reducers, and construction machinery, including spiral bevel gearbox, spur gearbox, worm gearbox, and cylindrical gearbox. It also includes a variety of high-pressure cast valve body and shell products. Its products are used in various applications, such as agricultural mowers, snow sweepers, fertilizer applicators, grain conveyors, industrial equipment, oil mining machinery, marine industrial equipment, and hydraulic engineering components. More than 95% of its products are exported to Europe, the United States, and Australia. Asia and Canada. The company has robust technology and R & D capabilities, produces reliable and high-quality products, pursues a unique business philosophy, and enjoys a high reputation in the manufacturing industry. Welcome to contact us by phone or email.

Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Type: Agricultural Gearbox
US$ 9999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Versatility of Tiller Gearboxes: From Small-Scale Gardening to Large-Scale Farming

Tiller gearboxes are designed to offer versatility and can be used effectively in both small-scale gardening and large-scale farming operations. Here’s how:

Small-Scale Gardening: Tiller gearboxes are well-suited for small garden plots and residential landscaping. They are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Small-scale tillers equipped with appropriate gearboxes are ideal for tasks like soil preparation, weed control, and seedbed creation in home gardens and lawns.

Large-Scale Farming: Tiller gearboxes are also capable of handling the demands of large-scale agricultural operations. Heavy-duty tillers with powerful gearboxes are used for tasks such as plowing, tilling, and seedbed preparation in extensive fields. These gearboxes are designed to transmit the high torque required for deep soil penetration and efficient soil cultivation.

Whether you’re a home gardener or a professional farmer, selecting the appropriate tiller gearbox based on the scale of your operation ensures optimal performance and effective soil preparation for your specific needs.

tiller gearbox

Customization of Tiller Gearboxes for Gardening and Landscaping Needs

Tiller gearboxes can indeed be customized to cater to specific gardening and landscaping requirements. Manufacturers offer customization options to ensure that the gearbox meets the unique needs of different users:

Power and Torque: Users can choose gearbox models with varying power and torque capabilities to match the size of the gardening or landscaping task. Customization allows users to select the appropriate level of power for efficient soil cultivation.

Speed Settings: Some tiller gearboxes come with adjustable speed settings. Users can customize the speed of the gearbox to achieve the desired level of soil tillage and depth, making it suitable for different types of soil and gardening practices.

Attachment Compatibility: Tiller gearboxes are often used with various attachments such as tines, blades, and rotary tools. Customization options may include compatibility with specific attachments, allowing users to perform a variety of tasks with a single gearbox.

Shaft Options: Users can choose different types of output shafts based on the type of attachment they intend to use. This customization ensures that the gearbox can efficiently transmit power to the specific tool being employed.

Mounting Configurations: Different gardening and landscaping equipment may require specific mounting configurations for the gearbox. Customization allows users to select the appropriate mounting options for their equipment.

Control Mechanisms: Some tiller gearboxes offer customization in terms of control mechanisms. Users may have options for manual controls, electric controls, or hydraulic controls, depending on their preference and equipment setup.

Size and Dimensions: Depending on the available space and the specific equipment being used, users can choose tiller gearbox models with dimensions that best fit their setup.

Sealing and Protection: Users operating in particularly harsh or dusty environments may request enhanced sealing and protection features for the gearbox to ensure longevity.

By offering customization options, manufacturers allow users to tailor the tiller gearbox to their exact needs, resulting in more efficient and effective gardening and landscaping operations.

tiller gearbox

Different Types of Tiller Gearboxes Catering to Specific Gardening Needs

Various types of tiller gearboxes are designed to address specific gardening needs and preferences, offering versatility and efficiency in different applications:

  • Standard Rotating Tines: These tiller gearboxes are commonly found in traditional garden tillers. They feature rotating tines that dig into the soil as the gearbox transfers power from the engine. They are suitable for general soil preparation and cultivating smaller garden areas.
  • Counter-Rotating Tines: In this type, the tines rotate in the opposite direction to the wheels of the tiller. Counter-rotating tines provide improved stability and control, making them well-suited for tougher soil conditions and larger areas.
  • Front Tine Tiller Gearbox: This type of gearbox is positioned at the front of the tiller, allowing the front-mounted tines to dig into the soil. Front tine tillers are more maneuverable and suitable for smaller gardens or flower beds.
  • Rear Tine Tiller Gearbox: Positioned at the rear, these gearboxes drive the tines that are located behind the wheels. Rear tine tillers provide greater digging depth and are effective in breaking up compacted soil or preparing larger garden areas.
  • Vertical Tine Tiller Gearbox: Vertical tine tillers have vertically oriented tines that work well for deep soil penetration and aeration. They are ideal for breaking up hard soil and improving soil structure.
  • Compact and Mini Tiller Gearbox: These smaller gearboxes are used in compact and mini tillers designed for lightweight gardening tasks, such as cultivating flower beds and tight spaces.

By offering a range of gearbox types, each catering to specific gardening needs, gardeners and landscapers can choose the right tiller gearbox configuration that suits their soil type, garden size, and intended tasks.

China Custom Ep-9.311-Jcg Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural   gearbox adjustment	China Custom Ep-9.311-Jcg Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural   gearbox adjustment
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